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She wears Gap jeans, and a Gap blouse. From profile, with the knotted hair, she looks somehow like Virginia Woolf.

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She was born in April 10 8 and built 5 careers in one life: from to she was in Romania a recognized literary critic, novelist and journalist. Starting in she made herself in the USA a respected specialist on foreign, comparative, and international law research, and a renowned professor in this field, teaching around the world. Her struggle right now is to be recognized as a writer — a novelist, a poet and a literary critic — in the English language.

At 44 she saw herself as an exile not just from her country but from her tongue language too. From now on, she cannot climb any kind of stairs and go through difficult school tests; high school is the most for her.

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She is forbidden to marry and have children, her heart is too weak. She will develop degenerative arthritis. At twenty-eight she will have heart surgery and she will die in her early thirties.

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Over the next years she did all things she was not supposed to; she even surpassed the last prediction. The Rumanian literary custom did not accept, until recent years, that an author could excel in more than one literary field.

It was actually looked down upon to write in another literary genre other than one initially acknowledged. A novelist, playwright or a literary critic, for example, could not be taken seriously as a poet and vice versa, with perhaps very extreme exceptions accepted with sour smiles as pure singularities.

Mirela has published in Rumanian three books of literary criticism one of them being the acclaimed History of Fiction Writing from Ramayana to Don Quixote, an essay on comparative literature ; three novels discussed in PhD thesis; a poetry book praised by histories of Rumanian literature. She has been an active literary critic in Rumanian literary magazines as well as a cultural commentator on the Doamna fit find burner television, and a political and cultural journalist in newspapers and cultural magazines.

While in the US she wrote in English poetry books, short stories, novels. As a renowned researcher on foreign, comparative, and international law and tenured faculty at New York University School of Law, she published a book on her field, Toward a Cyberlegal Culture Transnational Publishers,2nd The second book was a monograph devoted to a prestigious Rumanian writer, Dumitru Radu Popescu.

I read this book back in time in its first edition and I strongly advised her to have a second edition, reuniting both volumes in one single tome. Each of them doamna fit find burner a different aesthetic and complex doamna fit find burner.

Those in the Rumanian language have as main characters creative and intelligent women living under the Communist and post-Communist eras that brought so much devastation; strong, tragic women who do not compromise with the repressive power. It was the only way to have good grades in school.

I was curious. We ate there a few times in the past, sharing a lobster, a Cajun steak and a half of a bottle of Cabernet or Pinot Noir. I thought that this place full of memories of so many writers and groups of talkative journalists from surrounding newspapers would be inspiring.

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We were about at the end of our late lunch and sipped slowly from the remaining red wine. I learned it at work, in a few classes of English as a Second Language at Hunter College, and on my own.

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During this time, English words came to me cocooned in beautiful sounds and meanings close to Latin and French. I was in love with those words so profoundly imbedded in lyricism! The pierderea în greutate principală swarthmore self is variously tortured, spat at, bitten, and devoured, tortured and dismembered, crucified even.

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The poetry is of such depth and complexity while not in the least hermetic. It is as if the image is the precise one to stir the conflicting emotions that permeate the poems.

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Our pretentious provincial intellectualism, the inclination to speculate, the subtleties of our minds were real. The metaphysical background had been always there. My characters as myself were worlds apart from reality for social and political reasons. We struggled to exist in a terrible communist dictatorship, a sort of civil war, when a big part of the Rumanian society made a pact with the devil in order to oppress the other part of society.

And the mixture of the harsh reality and the high intellectualism gives to the main characters a violent trajectory.

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They are magnificent stories. And I admire Mirela so much for making that leap across the ocean. She is like the woman on the flying trapeze. She is suspended over the Atlantic.

And I admire her so much for having always been ready to take that leap or to let herself be pushed. And I admire her very much for taking the leap to be published here in America, and to fight for her stories. And Marylin J. I had been trapped in there; I ultimately became a character and experienced the impact of whatever was around.

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This power of her narrative is like a narcosis and a sort of neurosis that lingers forever in the readers mind. What remains? The desperation of Achilles viewing Patroclus corpse is there, forever in my heart.

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Armân or Vlach clans kept their valuables not in currencies or properties but in gold, so mother got as dowry doamna fit find burner lot of gold, ancient coins from the time of Alexander the Great, all confiscated by the communist regime. In this time, he had been declared a bourgeois, an enemy of the country and his children were expelled from schools. The other side of the family lost also everything, a toy factory and a movie theater.

The communist regime seized all private property. To own a house was viewed as a crime. Interrogated, demoted, forbidden to publish, her books expelled from publishing houses, and threatened by the establishment with a few years in jail she had been under the permanent secret police surveillance. Even my boyfriend was happy we were not married and distanced himself from me.

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My son helped me stay alive. I was pushed to the point to end it all and if the Revolution did not happen in DecemberI would be dead by now.

I own my life to those that died in those days of December and I will never forget it.

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When I wanted to see my secret police file in Romania inI was given an almost empty file.